Children and Craniosacral Therapy

Our children are our treasures, our loves, our growth enhancers and our teachers.  We all want the best for them, especially in the realm of health and well being.  I have been working with children for over twenty years.  I have worked with all ages from the day of birth, to the toddler, to the grade schooler and into high school.  They are all unique and different and that way at each age level.


The many stages of the birth process effect the newborn child.  The physicality of the womb to the passage through the birth canal and the reception into our world effect the physical body of the new born.  The basis of the craniosacral approach to the new born child is to release traumas of that process.  I hold the child and allow and assist her body to move and decompress and expand.  The more traumatic the birth the more this process is needed.  Many times the experience of colic in the baby is due to compression in the upper cervical vertebrae and occiput, which effects the vagus nerve that innervates the digestive system.  Inability to nurse is often due compression in the above mentioned area which will also effect the tongue innervation and swallowing.  It is not always the mother’s fault that the child cannot nurse.  Hyperactivity in children can be due to this cervical and occipital area being compressed in the birth process and not ever being released.  Ear infections and visual problems have similar origins.  All of these traumas and compressions can be significantly helped with CranioSacral Therapy (see above article on CST).  The emotional energy around the birth process for the parents is a factor as well and can be facilitated.

The craniosacral perspective includes the circumstances around the pregnancy and birth process both physical and emotional.  The developmental processes of the child up to the child's presenting age are very important.  For me it is very important to hear it from the mother and father as I observe the child.  In most cases these children are very sensitive to their surroundings.  This sensitivity and awareness is very important to my treatment process.  I understand that they each have some unique gift in that level of awareness and sensitivity.  My intention is to touch the child with the awareness of all of that history.  I touch the child in a receptive and blending mode.  I invite the child to show me who they are via my touch, my intuition, my energy field.  The child can then feel me and my receptiveness to who he or she is.  I do my dance with the child in the way that the child leads me.  It has a lot to do with gaining the child’s trust and meeting the child where he or she is. 


With the toddlers to early grade schoolers, so many falls and bumps occur.  Their bodies are designed for all of this.  I like to teach parents to put their hands on the area that is hurt.  The parent energetic field of love and touch surrounds that area and allows the child’s body to relax and release.  Of course the parent must be able to relax into this screaming child or they end up amping up the energy of trauma and fear.  With more serious injuries that may have required a visit to the emergency room, CST is very helpful in releasing those traumas.  CST is very new to the parent, as it is to standard medicine.  To often I am found several years later and the child is still suffering from a mild headache that started with that fall down the steps.  I will see a visual problem that started with a head-on collision in soccer several years back.  The correction of these imbalances can be facilitated by CranioSacral Therapy.

Many of our children are given labels because of an evaluation by a health care professional.  One is attention deficit disorder and another that is on a higher scale of severity is Autism Spectrum Disorder.  First I don't really like these diagnosis’ that these children are given.  Mainly because the protocol followed usually involves medication.  Second, most of these evaluations do not include a craniosacral or body energetics perspective.  I acknowledge that there are number of amazing protocols that do involve working with the child on a physical and emotional level.  Lastly, compelling evidence is available that indicate one source of the incidence of autism is a reaction to vaccinations1.


When the teenage years come, sports, car accidents and dental/orthodontic work create a whole array of physical problems.  I have recently seen a boy who had a head on collision with another boy while playing basketball.  Three months later he still has balance problems.  On the first visit he shows compression of his head into his neck and thoracic area.  I spend a half hour with direction of ease assisting his head to come out of his body (turtle like).  In a few days his balance is back.  I am treating a man in his forties who came in with severe headaches.  The origin of the headaches came from his many collisions in high school and college lacrosse.  He now occasionally has headaches every month or two.  Facial and head pain from tooth extraction and orthodonitics often shows up 10 to 20 years later.  When these teenage injuries are treated at or around the time of the trauma with Craniosacral Therapy, the effects on teenage life and middle age are profound.


I am also involved in personal research into a new science called Human Design.  I am finding that based on the birth time that I can begin to see how these children have a unique design of sensitivity.  With this additional awareness I can further assist the child in finding the core of his or her being.  In craniosacral terms it has to do with the craniosacral rhythm and the stillness and core midline that assists the self in being unique in this life.  In working with any adult or child my goal is to assist the body in finding its own balance and midline through inviting the body into stillness.  It is in this stillness state that our true selves come forward.  It is an involved process of understanding and acceptance of who we are and who the child is.

I am finding that these children have a design that, in our narrow minded, homogenized world, does not fit into the box.  Yet when looking at what their human design is, I am beginning to see the why.  Those well versed in Human Design are noting tendencies labeled as autistic in this world are a unique design.  That the world does not understand the uniqueness of these children and does not understand how to address them.  In short these children do not fit into the proper worldly mold.  The answer I feel is still in our hands(CST) and supporting the children in the gifts they do have.  And yes, there usually are cranial compressions and other energetic restrictions, usually all around the pregnancy and birth.  I offer the Craniosacral Therapy for the child and involve the parents by teaching them craniosacral touch (see Classes).  I offer the introduction to Human Design to assist the parent in understanding their child from another perspective.

My intention for the child is to assist the body in reaching a balanced state. I use a variety of techniques and mostly CranioSacral Therapy.  See above article on CST for more details on the craniosacral system.   See office page for more information and how to get in touch with Charles.