Appointments with Charles


Adults: The fee for a session is $135.00-$150.00 per hour, payable at the time of the session.  Sessions are one hour in length.  Any additional time is charged at the hourly rate. Initial sessions are $170.  Click here for PayPal.


Children: The fee of $125.00 per hour applies to children.  Many children cannot lie on the table for one hour; in which case a half-hour session is appropriate, and the fee is $60.00.  Parents of toddlers and young children are encouraged to bring toys and books to help their child focus on the session.  For more information about my work with children, please follow this link.


Gene Key guidance session: $170 per hour.  Accurate birth time necessary.  Can be done via Zoom.  Click here for PayPal.


Appointments: Please call 413-259-1090 or email to make an appointment with me. If you get the answering device, please leave me a message including your name, phone number, and a good time to reach you.

For questions, call 413-259-1090 or email me.


Cancellations: You are responsible for being at the scheduled appointment on time. If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify me twenty four hours prior to your appointment, or you are responsible for the fee for that time. Exceptions are made in case of emergency, sickness, and weather conditions such as winter storms.


Dress for Sessions: Please wear loose, comfortable clothing if possible, as you will remained clothed while on the table receiving your treatment.


Fragrance Free Office: No Scents is Good Sense. Please do not wear perfume, scented hairspray, cologne, scented deodorant, aftershave or other scented products. Fragrance-free products help make the office accessible to people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and protect everyone’s health.


Client Participation in the Session

You may be coming here because your back hurts or your head hurts or you just want to feel better.  The nature of my practice is to facilitate more ease and balance in your body.   The key word is facilitate.  I am assisting you and your part is to bring your awareness to the area I am working.  In many ways it is like a dance.  It does take two to tango.  This work is not a situation where I fix you.  Healing is an internal occurrence.  We have much more control and influence in our healing process than we might think.  For you the client, it takes your awareness and focus and presence for our dance to happen.  It does take awareness to relax.  When we dance like this, much can happen.  In this way we all become more responsible for our own well being and health.  For more on my process in the session with you.  See the section on My Journey.


See contact page for directions.