Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA

I have been treading the inner path for the greater part of my life.  It started with a spiritual path of meditation in my 20’s.  This spiritual path led me into the healing world of body energies and body work.  I continue in the body work world today as I continue to look inside myself to merge with that inner light.  I have looked down may paths and essentially they all point to breath, concentration, body awareness, letting go, relaxation and contemplation and many more points of view.

Human Design is a transmission through a man named Ra Uru Hu.  It is a synthesis of Astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbala and the Hindu chakra system. A Human Design body graph is a map of the human being based on birth time.  A man named Richard Rudd immersed himself in Human Design and out of that immersion came a transmission called the Gene Keys.  The Gene Keys are based on the ancient code of the I Ching, and can be considered a contemporary adaptation of the I Ching.  To me, Richard’s adaptation is an expansion and simplification of Human Design.  Rather than the dualistic view of Ra Uru Hu, the Gene Keys came through as a trinity.  That each of the 64 Gene Keys has a Shadow, a Gift and an Essence.  

Each of us has a unique design or set of gifts that we are born into the world with.   The Gene Keys are about helping us discover our own unique set of gifts.  Out of the Gene Keys book comes the Golden Path Program which is a way into your own unique self through contemplation.  It is a path the one must follow individually, yet the middle sequence of the path is all about how we relate to others.  It is our relationships that help us understand who we are and are the pathway into our inner self and our unique gifts in this world.

I have been treading this Gene Key path for 14 years and I am a Gene Keys Ambassador.  I have learned a way to contemplate the gifts that I have and how my shadow frequencies keep me from being at ease with who I am.  What fascinates me the most about the Gene Keys is the understanding that we are a breath away from moving out of a shadow frequency into a gift frequency.  We learn to follow an ease inside of us that is our unique self rather than the lower frequency shadow.  I encourage everyone who wants to learn more about themselves to look in this direction of the Gene Keys.  You can obtain a free profile at www.genekeys.com/ref/102.  You can buy the Gene Key: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA by Richard Rudd, there as well, or at Amazon.  His newest book is the Art of Contemplation, which is an easier beginning into the journey.

In my practice I use your birth time and gene key profile to help me in understanding how I might best dance with you.  I offer consultations to help you in understanding the basics, if you wish (Appointment information). 

What I have to offer you is my experience and wisdom to help you better understand your journey into the Gene Keys Golden Path.  I ask that you have read through most of your Gene Keys in your profile from GeneKeys.com and have given them some thought and contemplation.  From there I can better assist you in understanding and focusing on your journey.  There are many introductory videos Richard Rudd has done, where he explains a great deal about the Gene Keys and the Golden Path.  If you are really interested, purchase the Activation Sequence at www.genekeys.com/ref/102 that guides you into the first 4 Gene Keys of your profile.

All of what you might need to tread the Golden Path is right there on the website.  In whatever way you might choose to explore and understand your own unique gifts, it is you who must take responsibility to tread the pathway into yourself.

I am now offering  Quantum Dance session combined with your Gene Keys journey.  From my Quantum Dance Body Therapy perspective my intention is to assist the body in coming into a more balanced state.  In my whole body evaluation I look for where your energy is in or out of balance.  Using your Human Design body graph I can see your aura type.  I use all of this information to assist/guide you in bringing in a clearer stronger force field in your body. This balancing then supports you in raising your own frequencies in your Gene Keys Golden Path.  The knowledge of your gene keys and our interaction guides me to physiology related to the Gene Keys in your body.  I can then further assist you into the body area and the shadow frequency where you can better understand how you can transmute this energy.  See Appointment Page.

For more information on the Gene Keys and to obtain your personal Gene Keys profile go to https://genekeys.com/ref/102