Quantum Dance Body Therapy

People ask me what do I do for a living.  I now answer, whole body balancing.  Having been working with people for over 30 years, I have quite a background that you can read elsewhere on this website.  Whole body balancing pretty much covers everything.  We all are human beings and we move around on this earth in this human body.  We bump into enumerate things on many different levels and get thrown out of balance.  I can assist you in coming back into balance.  Key word here is assist.

People want me to fix them.  Oh, fix my neck.  Can you fix my knee?  Our bodies are bioelectromagnetic fields with consciousness, and more.  Your neck hurts.  You could have reached for something and pulled it.  You could have bumped into something and compressed it.  Somebody in your life could be the pain in your neck, or you could be just ducking out of the way of some part of your own beingness.  

When we have balance in our lives, especially in our bodies, it is much easier to deal with the ups and downs of life.  Whole body balancing is a way assist you in finding that balance again.  You can read about all the techniques that I use in the Integrative Body Therapy page and the Art of Listening page.  What I use is a fusion of all of those.  Here I would like to talk about the Quantum Dance perspective that I use when working with you.

Quantum Dance is my way of giving an image to you of how I respond to an individual who has come to me for my guidance and body balancing service.   Quantum mechanics describes a sub atomic phenomena where the act of observing a particle effectively changes the nature of that particle.  A dance is a movement performed by a person or persons.  In a dance partnership the two blend as one in response to music and each other.  Quantum Dance is my way of interacting with my client.  I observe and listen to what my client is presenting, usually some type of body imbalance.  I put my hands on their body and begin a conversation with the energetic and tidal rhythms.  The conversation becomes a dance.  The dance is about moving with the client and assisting the client’s deeper rhythms to move into the areas of imbalance.  The very presence of my energy effects the client’s energy, which is what quantum mechanics explains.

The Quantum Dance is my field interacting with the client.  Because it is a dance the client must participate.  The client has invited me into his or her field.  My role is blending with her energy and assisting her into a stillness brought about by my blending with her deeper rhythms.  Her role is be as present as possible.  It is her growing awareness of the stillness that brings about balance. 

Does she come out of the session completely organized and balanced?  No, she comes out in a state of balance and ease that is more so than when she came in.  Whole body balancing is a process that takes time.  The time is necessary to continue to adjust client consciousness to a new perspective.  Postural changes alone bring a new perspective.  You see that person in your life that is the pain in the neck with a new perspective.  You learn how to navigate around them with more balance and ease.  You begin to move around with more conscious ease.  The process becomes recognizing who you are and taking your space in this world.  Body balancing assists you in opening up to who you are and it is you who must learn how to stay there.  And yes, body balancing will also assist you in understand what you might do yourself to stay in that state of balance. 

I am presently using a new tool to assist the client in understand their inner genius.  We all have a specific genetic blueprint.  A new perspective on our genetics has come out and is called Human Design.  Human Design is a blend of astrology, the I Ching, the Hindu chakra system and the Kabbala.  Within the Human Design perspective and am using the Gene Key book and study guides by Richard Rudd.  With client’s birth time and place, I can more easily guide a client in a direction that can be helpful to understanding his/her own inner gifts and energetic patterns.  I use the gene keys along with what I sense and feel when I put my hands on the client.

Most of the time the problems that people come to me with are a result of the way that they are responding to life.  That response may show up as a certain posture or a particular attitude.  Many of these responses are learned early in life and not really who we are.  The problem could be an accident that happened earlier in life that had not been brought into balance on many levels.

So whether the client comes in with recurring back problems or that pain in the neck, my overall intent is to dance.  To move with the client in a way that brings them more into balance.  With more balance we can see more clearly how we are interacting with our world.  With an understanding of our own genius we can meet the world with who we know we are, not who we think we are.  With balance comes awareness.  With awareness we all dance in our lives with more ease and grace.

So, what do I do for a living, you ask?  I dance the Quantum Dance.  Would you like to dance with me to bring more ease and balance into your body?  See Appointment Page for more information.  Note that in this time of quarantine and distancing I am offering Online Sessions via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.