Integrative Body Therapy

Integrative Body Therapy is a blend of hands-on techniques to relax the body, to reduce pain and facilitate structural and energetic balance in the whole person. From stress to lifting injuries, to body traumas old and new, the tissues that hold the body together and the bones that give it support are compromised and can be brought back into balance. The goal of Integrative Body Therapy is to listen to the body with hands-on and assist the body tissue and bones in moving back into balance.  The body knows what it needs to do to correct itself. Three major support systems for the balanced body are physical activity, cleansing and nutrition, and inner contemplation and awareness. For physical activity, simple walking and stretching can keep the juices flowing along with movement arts from Tai Chi to yoga to outdoor activities.  Nutrition is more about how and where you eat as much as the types of foods that you eat.  As one moves more into balance, one becomes more at ease and open to the deeper aspects of oneself.  Contemplation and awareness are ways to access those deeper aspects of oneself.

In his blend of body therapy approaches, Charles utilizes the following modalities to assist the individual in whole body balancing.

CranioSacral Therapy deals with trauma and dysfunction related to the head as well as the whole body. Restricted cranial bone motion is brought into balance by light touch directed through the bones and into the dural membranes and fluid that surround the brain.  Headaches, learning disabilities, visual dysfunction, coordination problems, back pain and sciatica can be positively affected. Tissues related to traumas have memory. Memory of the event and emotional content related to the trauma are released which further restores balance to the body in a process called SomatoEmotional Release.  CranioSacral Therapy is especially effective with newborns and children.  For more on CranioSacral Therapy and Children see  Art of Listening.

Zero Balancing is the art of balancing body energy and body structure. Without structural balance the body’s energy field is disconnected and the individual can feel ungrounded and disconnected to his/her life.

Visceral Manipulation deals with organ position and function and how the organs support the musculoskeletal system in body balance. Many back and neck problems result from organ dysfunction and imbalance in the body.

Listening is a skill developed from the above mentioned approaches and many others including meditation, Aikido, the Imago approach, Body-Mind Centering, the Gene Keys and being a parent. It is all too often the case where simply being heard, whether at the body, mind or spirit level, brings about a healing.  See Art of Listening and Gene Keys.